Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Saying A Sad Farewell.

Click to read the notes.  My heart skips a beat everytime I read them.

Dear Sweets,

I have sad, but important news to share with you - I'm officially closing up shop with Sarandipity Sweets.

That's right, no more adorable little cake pops as my side business.  It pains me to have to close shop, but I've realized how much of my life was eaten up by Sarandipity, and I just couldn't sustain that schedule anymore.  Both my physical and emotional well being went out the window once Sarandipity's orders pushed my weekly workload into the 70 hour range.  There's only so long a girl can run on fumes before crying uncle.  And, uncle, I'm crying.

I'll still be here, churning out delicious things in my kitchen and forcing them on loved ones, while posting recipes to my food blog.  Teaching and cooking for people are a part of me that will never change.  And I'll still be here, if you decide to bring home that bag of dipping chocolate and then wonder what the heck to do with it.  Ask me whatever you want, and I'll post every single one of my tips.

But, mostly, what I wanted to say is, thank you. 

Thank you for granting me such an amazing experience.  I can't begin to describe what it means to me to have spent the last two years connecting with you all and making you smile.  Making people smile is my very most favorite thing to do.  I've made so many new friends, and I've had so many fantastic opportunities come my way just because of those little cake pops.  It's pretty astounding, really.  And it's all due to you.  Thank you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

So Much Love,


  1. I remember receiving those very sheep pops and thought they were quite possibly the coolest thing I had ever seen. Unfortunately though they were made of deliciousness and I had to eat one (or two). Alycia probably enjoyed them even more than I did and we were both impressed with your baking ability and artistic creativity.

  2. I think this picture represents the beginning of what was to come. I'm very proud of all you did - someday this can be your full-time job :)

  3. I'm super sad and incredibly proud all at the same time. That cakepop board is such an amazing present!

  4. Oh Sara, I have been there before and I definitely understand! Congratulations on a successful business venture! Should you decide to go into the sweets business again, I know you will be awesome! Big hugs and best of luck to you!