Monday, July 18, 2011

Circles of Love

Happy mid-July, Sweets!  I disappeared on you while this heat has left me feeling incredibly without having accomplished much.  Booooo!  But I did want to share a few photos from this weekend.  I made 216 cake pops for a wedding here in Atlanta.  

The groom built the stand with drilled holes for each of the cake pops.

And I filled it with 5 styles of cake pops, to coordinate with their wedding theme and colors.

"A" is for Amazing, right? :)


  1. Very cool indeed. Themz a lot of cake pops.

  2. so cute i thought of you over the weekend and those red velvet cakepops that have been shouting my name from across the US!

  3. Gorgeous! I love what you do!

  4. Looking at these photos leaves me thinking 2 things:

    When will it cool off enough that I can resume getting cake pops in the mail again? Not soon enough I tell ya!!

    What was on the top of that pedestal?

    Cake Pops look gorgeous as always! Great Job!

  5. Hi Sara! I am just seeing this blog post now. I am so sad you aren't baking anymore but I wish you the best. Thank you for making my wedding desserts so beautiful. They were a hit!! Love my cake pops :-)

    @Mellisa Rock- We had a regular round cake on top to cut into and mini desserts on the bottom

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