Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March-ing for MS

The cutie in the blue dress?  Jenny!

I have big news!  At Sarandipity, March is Multiple Sclerosis Month!  What does that mean??  It means that for every single cake pop sold, Sarandipity Sweets will donate 50 cents to an MS charity.  How freaking exciting is that?!  It's super freaking exciting, that's what.

But that's not all.  This MS charity isn't just any ol' charity that I picked out of a hat.  No.  It's fundraising led by my best friend from 2nd grade.  Her name is Jenny.  She's amazingly cool.  And adorable.  And hilarious.  And?  She has MS.  She writes about it on her blog from time to time, but I'll tell you right now - it's never negative or down or woe-is-me.  Jenny is the most positive person I know, and she just happens to have an incurable disease.  It's astounding, really.

Jenny & Sara, circa 1985

Jenny is fundraising for an MS Walk in Portland in April.  The Walk raises awareness and is also a great way for people to network and share positivity.  I would absolutely love to fly out to Portland to walk with Jenny's team - the J-Walkers - but finances aren't going to allow me to this year.  So, instead, I'm doing the one thing I can do - I'm using Sarandipity to help Jenny's team meet their fundraising goal!  

So, for every cake pop purchased in March, Sarandipity will donate, plain and simple.  And what's awesome is that the cake pops don't actually have to be shipped in March; just purchased.  So you can book your order in March to have it shipped out whenever!   

I really hope you'll help out and join Jenny and her team in raising awareness and research funds!  

♥ sara

The details in a nutshell:  
For every single cake pop that's sold in the month of March, Sarandipity Sweets will donate 50 cents to the J-Walkers team for MS research.

To donate directly to the J-Walker Team, click here:

(I was always insanely jealous of her long hair.  My mom cut mine every summer!)

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